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It is hard to imagine but summer is almost over already. With the calendar approaching mid-August, that means there are only two more regular Friday night races on the schedule. With that in mind I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to reflect on our season to date.
1)Mother Nature: Not sure what her problem has been this year but wow she has been unkind to say the least. With a few racing dates washed out and a few practices as well ,most racers should have lots of money left in their fuel budgets. Lets hope that for the remaining few weeks she will be nice to us.
2)Numbers Up: A couple of classes have seen a great jump in riders this season with most of the increase taking place in the last month or so. Racer entry is way up in both the flat track youth class as well as the ATV youth class. This can only mean good things for the future as hopefully young racers will someday turn into, dare I say, “older racers”.
3)Perfect ?: With the end of the season in sight, there are four riders who are currently unbeaten in their respective classes. Hats off to Jordan Molnar in 50cc shaft, Boyd Deadman in 50cc chain, Jason Hunter in mens baja, and Taylor Vallee in womans baja. Vallee however is in a unique situation as she has won every race she has entered but is unlikely to win the championship due to missing a round.
4)Volunteers: I would like to say thank you to everyone who makes our little show happen every week and I’m hoping that each and every racer will do the same. The list of people helping is long but keep in mind some of the jobs they do. Think of the person taking your money at registration, the lap scorers, the people doing flags, the referee, they guy opening the gate for each race, the announcer, the people working on the track, and the list goes on. Without every one of these people helping we wouldn’t be racing so please take time to say thanks.
5)The Hesmer Family: They do it all and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have a place to play. Along with the stuff we see every Friday there is plenty of stuff that goes on behind the scenes as well. Please say thanks to Aaron, Katalin, Pat and Joe and let them know you appreciate all the work they do.
6)Track Sponsors: Much like our volunteers and the Hesmers, our track sponsors play a big part in the program every week. I would like to thank Inside Motorcycles Magazine, Amsoil/Leeson Synthetics, Grand River Powersports and Outlaw Productions for being on board this year.

Race winners from last week included: Jordan Molnar, Boyd Deadman, Hunter Bauer, Braden Kelloway, Matty Ward, Kyle Sheppard, Jason Stys, Terry Rideout, Jason Hunter, Taylor Vallee

Look forward to seeing everyone this Friday and don’t forget our Paris Fair race which will fly under the Flat Track Canada banner.

See Ya Friday
Tumblin Todd