If you are a newbie to the whole Flat track experience or even just Paris for that matter, this section is kind of the run down and will hopefully give you a better understanding of how things work.

The first thing you’ll need to participate is a membership. The membership covers you for multiple classes. Make sure you remember your membership card, we need to scan your card to enter you into our weekly race program.Memberships are available at practice and race events. Current members receive a renewal package.

If you’re new to the whole idea and want to just participate at a practice we scheduled practiced almost every Tuesday evening during the summer.

To sign up and race come to the track around 6:00pm – 6:30pm (especially if your first time). You will pay general admission at the main gate and then you’ll pay $15 fee at the back gate. The back gate is the registration office located in the pits. You then proceed to register for the class you plan to enter. Keep in mind you first class is $15 every class besides that is $25, then follow our itinerary. The following are the basic requirements needed:

Every Class Requires;

-Proper Safety Gear

-Highly Visible number plates (all bikes: front and both sides) (ATV’s: front and back plates)

-No tire regulations for (all youth classes)


Speedway and BAJA the tires must be OEM spec,

Flattrack requires at least a dirttrack or street style rear tire, a knobby on the front is acceptable, stock suspension is acceptable, supermoto setup is acceptable, however we recommend the traditional dirttrack setup.

ATV does require the proper flattrack tires, however we do allow newcomers to ride with knobby tires for a 3 race night max. (prevents track damage). These tires are available at Brantford Motorcycle or can be purchased used through Jason Stys 519-861-4444.

-Engine displacement is open for all classes except youth and speedway

-To have fun



Always be sure to check our facebook / twitter feed to get a live update on track conditions and important news updates

Questions regarding suppliers of where to buy flattrack parts? check our Suppliers page

Any other questions please feel free to contact us