Speedway School

We are offering a speedway school on various dates throughout the year. The objective is to introduce new riders to the sport and build on the most exciting and enjoyable class. Speedway is one of the most efficient and cost effective motorsports available while maintaining the top level of excitement. The machines are easy to work on and there are two available speedway dealers in southern Ontario alone.

The school sessions will be an all day thing. We have 4 bikes, and the capacity will be 8 riders. Therefore you’ll be able to ride till your hearts content. The day will start at about 10am, start the theory around 11am and start riding at noon – 6pm. The cost is $140 for the day. We provide the bike, a steel shoe (if you don’t have one) and a bbq lunch. You would need to provide your riding gear such as mx apparel or leather suit. A snell 2010 or equivalent ECE is required with goggles, gloves, boots… knee pad, elbow pads etc. should be worn…. consider in a moment of panic these bikes have no brakes. The more gear you wear, the more confident you’ll be in riding and improving.

If you have a speedway bike already, the cost is $40. This includes one on one training to help improve areas that need work, and focus on the next steps. We also will have course training for proper maintenance procedures of a speedway bike.

If you have any questions please email …

hesmermotorsports@hotmail.com or 226 755 2208

or would like to sign up for the school please sign up at registration with a $25 deposit.

Dirt track school is also available